July 2: Back in Port


I arose to a cloudy foggy morning off the Northern Coast of Ireland.  Looking out of my porthole, I saw the coast shrouded in fog.  It was nice to awake to land outside my window.  The seas have remained calm so we should be in port early.  At this point in the cruise, the crew gets “the channels” which is the kind of itching to get home that makes you want to go faster, like the expression “like a horse to the barn.”  We are definitely all in what I would call “go mode,” with the knowledge of getting off the ship, it is about the only thing you can think about.  We will be getting in soon and in the meantime, enjoy the scenery and our last few hours at sea…

Around 11am, we were at the dock in Killybegs,  All packed up, it is time to do a few last interviews before I head to Dublin.  It is nice to be on land and reflecting back on a very successful expedition. 


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