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At long last, the Global Ocean website has been updated!!!  It is now iPad and iPhone friendly and there is new work up.  Check out the gallery for “Global Catch: Portraits of a Precious Resource” which recently closed as a solo exhibition at the Liman Gallery in Palm Beach.  Have a look at all of the other improvements…Come Aboard and Explore!



Gulf Oil Spill Coverage

I spent last week down in Louisiana covering the disaster that has fallen upon our beautiful Gulf of Mexico for SunMedia in Canada.  It was a very difficult week. Observing the oil on the beaches and in the marsh was heartbreaking and speaking with local people who are pessimistic about the future was difficult.  I will have photo galleries and additional posts up soon.  Click on the thumbnails below to read the articles that I wrote for Sun Media.

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To view images from Gaelin’s trip to the Gulf, visit: