Listen and Watch Some Science on May 1

One of the scientists on board is conducting a “webinar” on May 1 at 2:45 EDT for anyone who is interested in hearing and seeing more about the science being conducted on the cruise.  Here is some more of the information about the event.  Emily Davenport, a member of the Multi-core team, is coordinating it.  Hopefully all can join in to learn about the great science.
Participate in Live from IPY events! 
Join us for a real-time, Internet “webinar” on 1 May 2008 with Emily Davenport and the research team in the Bering Sea.

Event starts at 10:45AM Alaska Daylight Time [8:45AM HDT, 11:45AM PDT, 12:45PM MDT, 1:45PM CDT, 2:45PM EDT]. The event will last about 1 hour and participants will get a chance to hear about the research being conducted as well as interact with researchers and Emily Davenport.

These events are FREE to join.  For more information and to register for this “Live from IPY” event, go to:


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